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Search millions of SEC filings instantly, copy tables directly into Excel, create annotations and links and share them with your team, check insider stock ownership and many more...

Powerfull search

Full text search in millions of tracked SEC filings!

Company Ownership

Charts & ownership history derived from the ownership documents.

Tables & Documents History

Get the same table or document from previous filings, in an instant!

Table Operations

Copy a table directly into Excel. No downloading, no messed up formatting!

Auto Chart

Select an entry from a table and automagically create a chart of its value across time!

Links & Annotations

Annotate your documents and share your comments with your team!

Copy table to Excel

Select a table and copy it directly into Excel or your spreadsheet of choice. Without formating and without unecessary columns and rows.

Insider Actions

Get insights and summaries on the stock ownership of a company's directors and officers. Check who is selling and who is buying; chart their stock ownership across time and compare it with other insiders.

Auto Chart

Select an entry from a financial table and create a chart of its value across time automatically. Ten year reported Total Assets? Done. Last years Net Cash? Done. Download the data as CSV and import them into Excel.

Table previous versions

Select a table and instantly view the same table from a previous filing.

13F Ownership

View the institutional ownership of a company or the securities that a company holds. View summaries of ownership, create and share charts and download the chart CSV for import into Excel.

Email Alerts

Powerfull alerts using any combination of tickers, keywords and form types. As soon as a filing matching your alert criteria is available, you will be notified in your email.

Search Filings

Full text search in millions of tracked filings.

Table of Contents

All the sections of a filing document, at one place.

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